Domain parking business

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Domain parking business

Parking used to be very lucrative business 10-15 years ago. It used to be very simple, you register domain and set redirect to your domain parking provider. From then revenues were continously going down and parking become less profitable. Is it because brokers are faking stats, show bundled earnings and steal domain owner´s traffic? Has there been any innovation last 10 years?

Why we still see the same landing pages at major domain parking brokers? We wonder why but the reasons are obvious. This market is lead by monopoly brokers and it is hard for new businesses to take some share. To be honest there are no innovative companies in this industry.

We are the first who offer different point of view. We monetize type-in domain visits, we do much better than any other mainstream broker.

Our strategy is utilizing well-proven custom review websites. Visitors are served with the same content the original website they are looking for


  • You own typo-domain and want to maximize profits.
  • Would you advertise loans, credit cards, car sale, clothes, cosmetics?
  • No! To maximize profits your visitors are looking for ads containing online job platform reviews

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